About the show

Our daily show where we give artists FREE advice regarding there latest release. This can be either an artistic review or tips regarding marketing music.

We all know the struggle as an independent artist. Posting your songs on Social Media, on Facebook Groups.. and ending up with not more than some hundred views on YouTube. How harsh it seems, this is the reality a lot of talented people have to deal with in their career for a long period.

We think that these talents deserve attention. Someone who actually takes a minute and listen to their craft, with an honest opinion. Something they can learn from and build on for their future.

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Artist, and owner and C.E.O. of this company, Antonio Lacruz a.k.a. Toni Blxxings, already dedicates his free time exploring social media to find the next big thing.

He took action immediately when the idea of #REACTS came to mind, and came up with a plan that is beneficial to ALL ARTISTS in the first place.